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  Jun 11, 2017     Finders Admin  


How to make money

  • Register online as our agent by simply signing up. It is absolutely free. The only thing that is required is your ability to use the internet.

  • As an agent, you will have the privilege of listing artisans, service providers and product sellers on our portal through the use of pins codes.

  • You can purchase our pins/codes online. The minimum that you can buy at a time is 5 pins for The cost of each pin code is 100.

  • You are allowed to charge the sum of 500 as registration fee for each person you list or register on our portal.

  • It means for each person you register your profit is

  • If you register 10 people every day, you will end up with about 100,000 monthly or possibly more. The projection below says it all.



Register Daily

Profit Daily

Profit Monthly (based on 25 days only)

5 pins for 500

5 people for 2,500



10 pins for 1,000

10 people for 5,000



15 pins for 1,500

15 people for 7,500



20 pins for 2,000

20 people for 10,000



25 pins for 2,500

25 people for 12,500




As you can see, it is as simple as you can ever imagine. Nigeria is a very big country. The artisans, service providers and product sellers are in millions and everywhere. The market is big for everybody to operate.

Read the finders navigation to help use the finders portal to register as an agent, start adding business and make money daily.

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Finders.ng enhances business patronage and promotes sales. It provides unsolicited advertisements for businesses listed on the portal. It can be so exciting when the people you don’t know offer you jobs effortlessly.

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